Project Overview

Aqualink project and school crossing service provision for Darley Primary School.

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The Aqualink project is an exciting open space project across Bacchus Marsh and surrounds that is planned to link the Lerderderg River with the Train Station.  For details of the whole project please visit

The Aqualink will utilise the old Southern Rural Water irrigation channel that runs through Bacchus Marsh.  This Aqualink will run past the Darley Primary School and will provide a safe car free route for children and the community to use at all times and when walking or riding to school. 

It is proposed the section of the link that runs past the Darley Primary School and uphill from Grey Street to Jonathon Drive will be completed by the end of March 2022. The link will form part of the current school crossing located at the western end of the school which crosses Grey Street.  Please see the attached DRAFT plans for the crossing.  Full plan details for the Aqualink project are available here.

As part of the Aqualink project, the crossing will also be upgraded and constructed into a raised platform crossing which will give pedestrians and Aqualink users priority over vehicles on Grey Street.  This will provide a safer crossing option for use both during and out of school times.

Due to the safety improvements the planned new crossing will offer, consideration is being given to the possible closure of the school crossing on Grey Street, next to Hodgson Street, once the pathway for the Aqualink project around the school is completed.  As the planned new crossing will offer the safest path to cross Grey Street, we would encourage students and families to utilise the Aqualink crossing as the preferred option.

We invite you as a parent, guardian or caregiver for a child at Darley Primary School to provide us with your thoughts on the potential changes to the school crossings on Grey Street by taking part in this survey. 

If you would like to discuss any issues or have any comments or queries regarding the Aqualink project generally please do not hesitate to call Council on 5366 7100.