Proposed Realignment of Locality Boundary Between Bacchus Marsh and Pentland Hills

Project Overview

Have Your Say on the proposal to realign the locality boundaries between Bacchus Marsh and Pentland Hills to meet the needs of Australia Post and Emergency Services Victoria.


Council has received a request from Australia Post to review the current locality boundary alignment between Pentland Hills and the west boundary of Bacchus Marsh to increase the size of the Bacchus Marsh Locality. This will enable Australia Post to better align postcodes for proposed mail delivery services.  Furthermore, potential issues for emergency services have also been raised as this area of Pentland Hills can only be accessed from Bacchus Marsh and not from the freeway turnoff for Pentland Hills.

The land to the west of Korkuperrimul Creek is currently known as Pentland Hills, and the land to the east of the creek is known as Bacchus Marsh. The proposed boundary would follow the boundary of the current General Residential Planning Zone (GRZ2) to the west.

It is expected that the Underbank Estate development will provide approximately 1200 new home lots in the near future. 

The survey is now closed. Thanks for participating.


To realign the Bacchus Marsh and Pentland Hills locality boundary as shown below.

  • Council approves the commencement of the consultation process with all stakeholders affected by the proposed realignment of the locality boundaries between Bacchus Marsh and Pentland Hills
  • Community consultation and public submissions open
  • Summary of feedback and report prepared for Council
  • Council Decision