Masons Lane Reserve Master Plan

Project Overview

Have your say on the upcoming Masons Lane Reserve Master Plan!

Moorabool Shire is inviting the community to provide input to help set the future direction for Masons Lane Reserve (Mason’s Lane, Bacchus Marsh).

About the Master Plan and Community Survey

A Master Plan for Masons Lane Reserve will help Moorabool Shire to set a vision for the facility and to guide infrastructure development, use and investment over the next 10 years.

A key part of the master planning process is understanding how the community currently uses Masons Lane Reserve, what they like about it, and what they think could be improved. More specifically, the survey will ask:

  • How often you use Masons Lane Reserve and how you get there
  • What you primarily use it for
  • How safe you feel using it
  • What you would like to see improved

Who is involved?

The Master Plan has been funded by Moorabool Shire and will be delivered by consultants insideEDGE Sport & Leisure Planning.

Feedback from the community will be collected in the following ways:

  1. Community Survey – the initial community survey will be open for a period of 4 weeks beginning Thursday 4 November to Sunday 5 December 2021
  2. Public Exhibition period – once a Draft Master Plan is available, further community input will be requested. This is expected to occur in early 2022.

Your Feedback

Your Feedback

Hearing and receiving feedback from the community will be key to the Master Plan’s success. If you live in proximity, are an existing user, or would like to use Masons Lane Reserve more often, please complete the survey through the following link:

Survey Link

Get in touch

To find out more about the project and how to be involved, you can contact Moorabool’s Community Recreation team by:

Calling (03) 5366 7100