White Avenue Reserve Renewal - Round Two Engagement (Concept Plan)

Project Overview

Following a previous round of community engagement, Moorabool Shire Council invites the community to contribute their insights towards shaping the Detail Design Plan for the enhancement of White Avenue Reserve in Bacchus Marsh.

Through this second phase consultation, we aim to collect residents' preferences and requirements to influence the future design of the reserve, as outlined in the provided Concept Plan.

Your input is vital in creating an improved and revitalized space that caters to the needs of park users. Join us in shaping the future of White Avenue Reserve for a more enjoyable and community-friendly environment.

Incorporating feedback from the first round of community engagement, Sentient Design, a well-regarded Landscape Studio in Victoria, has delivered the pivotal Concept Design Plan. 

During this phase, the primary objective is to achieve extensive community participation to understand specific needs and gather detailed feedback on the Concept design. This input will play a crucial role in shaping the reserve's detailed design and guiding its future development. 

Through active community engagement, the project aims to rejuvenate White Avenue Reserve in alignment with the aspirations and requirements of Bacchus Marsh residents, as well as other users and stakeholders. The ultimate goal is to secure the necessary support to transform the reserve into a more appealing, functional, and inclusive space for the entire community's benefit.

Specifically, we intend to address four key aspects:

1. Design Purpose: More detailed questions about how the design of the reserve should move forward.

2. Play Area: The kind of play equipment the community would like to see placed at White Avenue.

3. Reserve Assets: If the current placement of assets in the reserve is appropriate, or if the community feels there is anything lacking in the reserve or that hasn’t been provided by the consultant.

4. Accessibility and Inclusivity: Accessibility and inclusivity measures, advocating for features that ensure the reserve is accessible to people with disabilities and meets the diverse needs of community groups. Additionally, Reserve Safety and priorities for reserve upgrades will be considered.

The survey is now closed. Thanks for participating.