Annual Review of the Governance Rules

Project Overview

Council invites members of the community to review and provide comment on the proposed Governance Rules as part of the annual update for 2023.

Feedback will be open from 7 September to 5 October 2023.

In accordance with the Local Government Act 2020 Council is required to review and update its Governance Rules every year. This year a comprehensive scale review has been undertaken and a number of recommended changes are proposed, including:

  • Improvements to the overall structure and readability of the document and change to from multi-layered legal numbering to simplistic numbering
  • Update to the document design, layout, logo and colour scheme
  • Automated numbering and cross-referencing
  • Clarification of Mayor election procedures (previously adopted)
  • Procedural Motions Table moved to the Appendices
  • Improvements to the public question time procedure
  • New requirement for petitions and joint letters to include a head petitioner or representative
  • Changes to how Councillors who wish to attend a meeting via electronic means for any reason

How to get involved

Community members who wish to make a submission about the Place Naming Policy are encouraged to make submissions either:

  • Online via this website
  • By email to
  • In writing to the Chief Executive Officer – PO Box 18, Ballan, Vic 3342

Community members can also request to be heard at a public hearing in person or register to speak to the item at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 1 November 2023.

The survey is now closed. Thanks for participating.