Darley Park Playground and Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Project Overview

Have Your Say on the inclusion of outdoor fitness equipment at the new Darley Park Playground.

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Q: What is outdoor fitness equipment?

A: Outdoor fitness equipment offers a variety of exercise movements for a range of ages and abilities. From stationary chin up bars to monkey bars, to a moveable body weight shoulder press, this equipment provides opportunities to improve your strength, fitness and coordination for free and outdoors.

Q: Why is outdoor fitness equipment proposed for the space?

A: Through the Darley Park Masterplan consultation process, we received a number of requests from the community to install outdoor fitness equipment at the park. It has also been observed that many people use the area for walking and fitness training. The fitness equipment will complement this and will help to encourage greater community participation in physical activity and improve community health and wellbeing. The outdoor fitness equipment will be suitable for all ages and anyone wishing to exercise and get fit for free.

Q: Why can’t it just be a children’s playground?

A: When we developed the Darley Park Masterplan, we looked at other playgrounds nearby and found that there were four (4) other playgrounds within a 1km radius of Darley Park that catered specifically for children. We hope that by adding a diverse range of equipment and activity options at Darley Park, the space will cater to the needs of all age groups and abilities rather than duplicate the existing playgrounds nearby.

Q: Where is the playground being moved to?

A: In the recently adopted Darley Park Masterplan, there is a recommendation to relocate the current playground from the Grey Street end of the park to a more open space near the Grey Street/Fitzroy Street corner of the park. The new location of the playground will provide a more open and accessible space for all to enjoy.

​​​​​​​Q: Why is the playground being upgraded and relocated?

A: The Darley Park Masterplan recommends that the current play space is redeveloped ‘to enhance the play value, experiences, amenity and the range of age groups and abilities catered for’. The current location of the playground limits the option for redevelopment which is why it is to be relocated to a more open and accessible space.

​​​​​​​Q: When would the works occur?

A: Works would be anticipated to occur in May/June 2022.

Council recently adopted the Darley Park Masterplan that recommends relocating the existing playground at Darley Park and preparing a design for a playground “that meets all age groups and accessibility requirements, including shelters and seating”.

We also heard through the Masterplan consultation process, that the community would like to see some outdoor fitness equipment at Darley Park.

To help us create a space that incorporates all these options, we would like to hear from you so we can better understand what you would like to see included in the new Darley Park ‘playground’ space.