Moorabool Shire Heritage Strategy

Project Overview

We need your inputs on the management of the Shire’s heritage and the new Heritage Strategy!

It is important that the new Heritage Strategy reflects the needs of the Moorabool Shire Community and that it identifies the heritage related concerns of stakeholders and includes YOU.

Please complete this short survey to let us know what you value most about the Shire’s heritage.

The Moorabool Shire Council Heritage Strategy sets out how Council will meet its heritage obligations in line with best practice and State policies. The Strategy also assists Council in identifying good heritage practices already in place.

The first step in the review is engaging with the community and other interested parties.

The online survey is the first step in Council’s engagement with the Moorabool community. Council officers will also be meeting and discussing the strategy with local heritage groups as well as Registered Aboriginal Parties within the Shire.

The Heritage Strategy affects the whole shire, and it is important that Council receive input from a variety of residents / interested parties from all corners of Moorabool.

Please complete the survey to ensure that your opinions and input are considered.

Providing council with your thoughts and input is easy! Just completed the survey to let us know what you value and what ideas you may have for the preservation and protection of the Shire’s heritage.

  • Community Engagement

    October/November 2022

  • Engagement with Local Heritage Groups

    October/November 2022

  • Review of Community Engagement

    November 2022

  • Preparation of Heritage Strategy Report


  • Adoption of Heritage Strategy

    Mid 2023

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