Local Area Traffic Management Plan (Stage 4) Darley


LATM is a process to develop a scheme to reduce the traffic impact on local streets whilst improving their amenity.

The LATM study area for Stage 4 is Darley, which will extend from the north of Albert Street to Pamela Court and is bounded by the Lerderderg River to the east, as outlined below.

The key objective of the LATM Study is to minimise the effect of traffic in the local streets, whilst improving the pedestrian and bicycle facilities and local street amenity.

  • Discourage through traffic from using local streets.
  • Improve the safety of local streets for all road users (including cyclists and pedestrians) by reducing traffic speeds.
  • Reduce the incidence and potential for crashes within the study area.
  • Address the traffic concerns of the community whilst maintaining good levels of accessibility for local residents, service vehicles, local businesses and emergency services.

Potential treatments including roundabouts, speed humps/cushions, kerb extensions, line marking and bike lanes can be considered for implementation within the study area to mitigate certain traffic issues.