Proposed Moorabool Shire 2020/21 Annual Budget

Budget Summary

  • Budget Summary

    Moorabool Shire Council has seen significant growth in recent years and our capital program has been developed to meet community infrastructure needs now and into the future. The proposed Capital Improvement Program for 2020/21 is $27.609 million (includes $3.579 million in works carried forward from 2019/20). Of this total, $9.448 million relates to new works, $10.090 million relates to the renewal of assets, and $8.071 million is for the upgrade of assets. Some of the key projects proposed as part of the 2020/21 Capital Program include:

    • Ballan Recreation Reserve Pavilion - ($3.250 million)
    • Bacchus Marsh Indoor Recreation Facility - ($2.600 million)
    • Ballan Depot - Construction Stage 1 - ($1.750 million)
    • Yendon-Lal Lal Road, Lal Lal - Rehabilitation - ($0.897 million)
    • West Maddingley Early Years Facility - ($0.848 million)
    • Yendon-Egerton Road, Mount Egerton - Rehabilitation - ($0.693 million)
    • Dunnstown Recreation Reserve - Female Friendly Facilities Grant - ($0.599 million)
    • Mill Park, Ballan - Community Facilities Grant - ($0.506 million)
    • Bacchus Marsh Racecourse & Recreation Reserve - Design of Stage 2 - ($0.550 million)
    • Franklin and Labilliere Streets, Maddingley - Upgrade - ($0.485 million)
    • Bald Hill - 1,000+ steps - Design & Construction - ($0.375 million)

    In addition to the planned Capital Works Program, the 2020/21 Annual Budget will fund a number of new initiatives. Some of these being:

    • Efficiency Improvements in Customer Service - ($0.176 million net cost)
    • Learning & Development Specialist - ($0.082 million net cost)
    • Council Hosted Major Business Events - ($0.074 million net cost)
    • Gateway Strategy - ($0.060 million net cost)
    • Economic Development Strategy Update - ($0.050 million net cost)
    • Increase of Sealed Roads Maintenance Program - ($0.050 million net cost)
    • Increase of Unsealed Roads Maintenance Program - ($0.048 million net cost)
    • Increase of Playground Maintenance Program - ($0.040 million net cost)
    • Increase of Footpath Maintenance Program - ($0.040 million net cost)
    • Review of the Moorabool Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy - ($0.040 million net cost)

    For the 2020/21 annual budget, rate increases have been capped at 2.00% in line with the Victorian Government’s Fair Go Rates System, and Moorabool Shire is committed to allocating an amount at least equivalent to the revenue generated from a 2.00% rate increase to help those in the community most impacted by the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

    In addition to this, Council has already put several steps in place:

    • Extension of rate payments to 30 September 2020 with no interest
    • Waived rent / ground hire fees till 30 September 2020 for all occupiers of Council buildings and facilities that have been required to close
    • The implementation of a specific COVID-19 Financial Hardship Policy to provide financial relief to residents and businesses who need it the most
    • Waived rent till 30 September 2020 for businesses occupying Council buildings and facilities that have been required to close
    • Payment of local suppliers weekly to improve business cash flow
    • Developed a buy local campaign supporting hospitality businesses
    • 12-month extension of expiry dates for septic and planning permits at no cost till 30 September 2020 due to financial hardship
    • The Waste Management Service Charge will reduce from $85.00 to $82.00 and the overall Waste Collection Charge will increase from $187.00 to $211.00. The State Landfill Levy will increase from $36.00 to $46.00, and the optional Kerbside Green Waste Service will increase from $77.00 to $78.00 for 2020/21.