Bacchus Marsh Town Centre Structure Plan

Project Overview

The Bacchus Marsh Town Centre Structure Plan project commenced in 2023. The Structure Plan will set a strategic vision and seek to strengthen the role of the town centre as the primary civic, employment and retail precinct in the Shire. Currently a draft plan is being prepared, based on community consultation undertaken, with planned consultation on this in mid-2024.

Project Purpose

The purpose of the structure plan is to establish a strategic framework for guiding land use and development within the Bacchus Marsh Town Centre. The structure plan will be built around:

  • An understanding of community views and needs
  • Activation of Main Street 
  • Integration of interfaces with surrounding areas 
  • Improving the connections between Main Street and the train station
  • Establishing a Civic Precinct to act as a catalyst for change and investment 
  • Investigating key development sites

The Structure Plan will also refer to and build upon recent strategic planning work conducted by Council, including: the Bacchus Marsh Housing Strategy (Housing Bacchus Marsh to 2041 (2018) Mesh).

Study Area

A study area has been devised that includes the retail core and immediate surrounds, the Bacchus Marsh Station, and the potential for additional pedestrian links to be established.

An important focus for the project is the town centre retail core and the immediate areas surrounding it including pedestrian connections to the Bacchus Marsh Station. The project will also consider the interface and integration of the town centre retail core with residential areas in proximity to the town centre.


A summary of the community consultation undertaken in February 2023 can be downloaded from the right hand side of this page. Further consultation will happen when a Draft Structure Plan has been completed.

  • Project inception & Site visit
  • Background Review & Analysis
  • Consultation round #1
  • Visioning & Emerging ideas
  • Draft Structure Plan
  • Consultation round #2
  • Final Structure Plan adoption