Clarke / Grantleigh Drive (Darley) Reserve Upgrade

Project Overview

Moorabool Shire Council is seeking input from the community relating to the upgrade of the Clarke/Grantleigh Drive Reserve.

Please provide your feedback for our consideration by 5 May 2022.

In recent decades Darley has become a major suburban area of Bacchus Marsh, requiring ongoing development of open space assets to provide enhanced recreational opportunities.

Moorabool Shire has identified this reserve as a target for investment in upgraded public amenity. It is planned that landscaping works will be undertaken over a number of years, subject to funding.

As part of this upgrade, Council will be focusing on the following:

  • Identify opportunities for ongoing development of the public open space resource, over time as funds become available;
  • Preserve and improve local ecological diversity by investigating opportunities for habitat restoration and re-connection;
  • Maintain and re-establish natural processes such as rainfall infiltration;
  • Plant more shade trees to mitigate climate change and the urban heat-island effect;
  • Manage people's access to and within the park;
  • Maximise opportunities for social connection, passive recreation and play;
  • Implement Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) techniques to maintain personal safety;
  • Use ecological design to reduce maintenance costs, while recognising public preference for coherence and order in park landscapes.
  • Consultants engaged
  • Internal consultation
  • Community consultation

    March - April 2022

  • Detailed design
  • Project Construction

    To be completed in the 2022/2023 financial year

The survey is now closed. Thanks for participating.