Draft Moorabool Shire Gateways Strategy: public exhibition

Project Overview

Council is seeking community feedback on the draft Moorabool Shire Gateways Strategy.

Feedback is sought on the strategic direction of the strategy, the key elements that form a gateway, the signage hierarchy as well as the colours and materials proposed for signage.

The survey is now closed. Thanks for participating.

The draft Moorabool Gateways Strategy aims to address the current uneven distribution of existing signage throughout the Shire, an inconsistent approach to signage replacement and the opportunity to combine landscape and vegetation treatments as a way of creating and celebrating identity across the Shire.  It will provide a holistic approach to implementing upgrades to signage and township entrances based on a suite of landscape elements and treatments.

Four key elements will be used to establish a common approach to the gateways character the Shire and they are;

  • Signage
  • Landform
  • Siting and features
  • Planting

The strategy sets a signage hierarchy and provides for three scales of Shire signage. This includes:

• Type A Shire boundary sign: which will be typically used on highways and faster speed environments.

• Type B Main Gateway sign: which will be typically used at prominent township entries.

• Type C Secondary Gateway sign: which will be typically used at smaller settlements or as secondary entrances to larger towns.

The signage design is shown in section 9 and shows the how the hierarchy of signs will be applied.  An alternative signage design is shown in Section 10.  Community feedback is sought on these designs.

Feedback closes 31/10/22.

  • Engage consultant for project

    February 2021

  • Background analysis and town site visits

    March-April 2021

  • Initial community engagement

    May – June 2021

  • Develop Gateways Strategy draft

    July – December 2021

  • Refine draft strategy

    February – June 2022

  • Council endorses draft Moorabool Gateways Strategy for public exhibition

    September 2022

  • Community exhibition period

    September – October 2022

  • Final strategy presented to Council