Harry Vallence Drive Playspace Upgrade

Project Overview

Have Your Say on the draft plan for the Harry Vallence Drive Playspace Upgrade.

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Capital Works Open Space Improvement Program

The Harry Vallence Drive Playspace has been identified for inclusion in Moorabool Shire Council’s Capital Works Open Space Improvement program. This program provides an opportunity for open spaces across the Shire to be renewed and updated for improved community use.



Community Consultation

The purpose of this community consultation phase is to inform the local community of these upcoming works and also to gather community feedback on the proposed plans.

The key areas that were identified for upgrade/ renewal at the Harry Vallence Drive Playspace include:  

  • New path connections 
  • New shelter structures 
  • Upgrade existing playground
  • Tree planting 
  • General planting, furniture and amenities 
  • Upgrade to the local reserve 

The draft Harry Vallence Drive Playspace plan is now available for public exhibition and community feedback.


Please use the Social Pinpoint link to provide your feedback via the map: https://msc.mysocialpinpoint.com/harry-vallence-drive-playspace-upgrade#/

This consultation closes on Sunday 9 January 2021