Moorabool Parking Strategy and Parking Provision and Management Policy

Project Overview

Moorabool Shire Council is preparing a Parking Strategy, and a Parking Provision and Management Policy that will provide a planned approach to the provision and management of parking across the shire.

Community engagement was undertaken in 2019 and 2021 and helped us to better understand community parking needs and priorities, and has informed the development of the draft Strategy and Policy.

Providing feedback is easy!

The Moorabool Parking Strategy and Parking Provision and Management Policy are available on this page in the links.  You can read and download the Policy and Strategy from the sidebar.

Complete the survey to provide feedback on the draft Moorabool Parking Strategy and Policy.

Council is running two drop-in sessions where Council staff will be available to discuss the documents and listen to your feedback:

Ballan – Mechanics Institute 4:00pm- 6:30pm 29th November

Bacchus Marsh – Lerderderg Library 4:00pm- 6:30pm 1st December

Or contact the project team via the details in the sidebar.

The Parking Strategy and Parking Policy will:

  • Establish a strategic parking framework for the short and longer term
  • Set out a process for Council to regularly review parking demand and supply
  • Assist Council to better manage parking and transport based on demand
  • Set out strategies for identified precincts in Bacchus Marsh and Ballan
  • Commence Car Parking Study

    December 2019

  • Surveys of shoppers in Bacchus Marsh and Ballan

    December 2019

  • Survey of Car Parking Occupancy in Bacchus Marsh and Ballan

    December 2019

  • Community Consultation

    April - May 2021

  • Finalise Parking Study

    April 2022

  • Preparing Draft Parking Strategy and Policy

    September 2022

  • Consult on Draft Car Parking Strategy and Policy

    Current Stage

  • Review results of Community Consultation

    January 2023

  • Report results of Community Consultation to Council

    Early 2023

  • Parking Strategy & Parking and Management Policy Survey

    The purpose of this survey is to collect your feedback on the draft Parking Strategy and Parking Provision and Management Policy.

    The Parking Strategy builds on the recommendations of the Car Parking Study commenced in 2019. It sets out five guiding principles, and methods to achieve them. The Strategy will be referenced when preparing strategic and transport plans, particularly those with a long-term vision.

    The Parking Provision and Management Policy sets out Council processes and provides guidance in accordance with the strategy. The policy will be used for day-to-day operations, particularly when considering parking issues raised by the community, and when reviewing planning permit applications.

    Both documents are available for viewing in the document library on this page.