Rotary Park Precinct Master Plan


We are undertaking the Rotary Park Master Plan to provide strategic direction for future development and investment in assets, infrastructure, and services in the precinct—including provision for a Youth Space. The final master plan will include a rationale and justification for its recommendations based on current and future community needs for the site. This project is an action outlined in the 2017- 2021 Council Plan.

We have prepared a draft concept plan of the precinct and are seeking the community’s feedback on the proposed layout: what you like about it, and what you think could be improved.

More specifically, the survey will ask:

  • how often you use the precinct and how you get there
  • what you primarily use it for
  • what you would like to see improved
  • which existing activities or facilities you think should not be retained
  • which activities or facilities not currently in Rotary Park would you like to see provided
  • which element of Rotary Park you think should be a priority for future funding and development.

No, we are not seeking detailed feedback from the Community at this time. However, we welcome general feedback on the proposed location and nature of park features (e.g., the skate park, proposed Youth Space, etc.) as outlined in the concept plan. Further detailed feedback, such as the number of skate bowls preferred, will be sought if the project receives funding.

There is no funding for projects identified in this master plan. Funding opportunities will be sought and, when confirmed, the community will be consulted again regarding the details of any planning and development.

Jade Moerenhout

Coordinator Early Years & Youth Services - Child Youth & Family Services

Moorabool Shire Council

To be involved in future planning and development of the Rotary Park Precinct—including its infrastructure, facilities, playground, and/or open spaces—please provide your details in your survey response.