Ballan Library and Community Hub

Project Overview

Share your priorities for the new Ballan Library and Community Hub which will include:

  • A new Library
  • Community Meeting Rooms
  • Maternal Child Health Centre
  • Visitor Information Centre
  • Outdoor space

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Phase One Consultation Review

The Ballan Library community engagement undertaken from September - October 20221 revealed some key themes:

  • Most patrons visit the library alone or with children, demonstrating a need for facilities and programs to cater to the growing needs of the population and young families
  • Most patrons either drive or walk to the library, demonstrating the importance of its central location
  • Patrons told us that the location and borrowing collections available at the current Ballan library are its best features
  • Patrons would like to see better internet access, wifi and printing options at the new library

In order of importance for the new library, survey respondents rated:

  1. Comfortable Seating
  2. Children's area
  3. Dedicated quiet study spaces
  4. Open space
  5. Meeting rooms to book
  6. Arts exhibition spaces
  7. Outdoor courtyard
  8. Activity tables and chairs

When envisaging how the new library should be used, survey respondents identified a place to learn and study and a multigenerational place for people to meet and gather, as key functions for the new Library and Community Hub.

Other key themes captured by the survey include:

  • Disability access to all spaces
  • Extended opening hours
  • Adequate parking options
  • Increased borrowing collections
  • Safe and flexible spaces for community use
  • Youth technology space

Reflecting on these themes, there are several which have been addressed since the initial engagement in 2021.

Community suggestion Update
The central location in the Ballan town centre is important The new Library and Community Hub will retain its central location, moving just a few blocks to 127 Inglis Steet (old Commonwelath Bank building).
Requirement for modern technology, including computers, printing and wifi options The new fit for purpose Library and Community Hub will include updates to technology such as wifi, printing options and computers as a minimum.
Valued collection of borrowing materials and its need for expansion As the physical ibrary space expands, so to will the borrowing collection in proportion with the new facility.
Extended opening hours There will be adjustments to the opening hours of the new library in line with community needs, staffing resources and service demand. These will be decided upon after construction.

  • Community Engagement Phase One

    September 2021 - October 2021

    Feedback analysed. See Ballan Library Phase One Engagement Summary for more information. 

  • Project funding secured

    January 2022

    • $3.5 million from the Growing Suburbs Fund 
    • $1.5 million from the Living Libraries Infrastructure Program 
    • $2 million from Moorabool Shire Council 
  • Community Engagement Phase Two

    6 May - 13 June 2022


    Get involved by: 

    • Completing the online survey 
    • Attending the Community Cafe at the Ballan Mechanics Institute 
    • Completing a survey at Ballan Library and surrounding locations
    • Completing a survey over the phone with the support of library staff

The Ballan community and Moorabool Shire Council recognised the need for a new Ballan Library as a key priroty for the growing town several years ago. The project has been on a consistent feature on Council's advocacy list during this time. 

On January 27 2022, it was announced that Moorabool Shire Council would receive grant funding from the state government for the new $7 million Ballan Library and Community Hub. 

The funding contributions include: 

  • $3.5 million from the Growing Suburbs Fund 
  • $1.5 million from the Living Libraries Infrastructure Program 
  • $2 million from Moorabool Shire Council 


The new Library and Community Hub will consist of: 

  • A modern fit for purpose Library 
  • Community meeting rooms 
  • Visitor Information Centre 
  • Maternal Child Health Centre 
  • Outdoor space (including gardens and seating areas) 


Phase one of community engagement was undertaken in September- October 2021 to gain an understanding of what the community values about the current Ballan library, what future services they'd like to see and their usage patterns. 

This second phase of community engagement will expand on the themes from phase one of the engagement to inform the design of the new Library and Community Centre.